About me

I am Matthias Goerner (or "Görner" in native German spelling).

I love math, programming, animation, Tango, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

I studied math and computer science at UC Berkeley and was really fascinated by hyperbolic geometry. I gave a talk for general audiences explaining my research as an informal thesis defense (there is no defense at the Berkeley math department).

Since June 2012, I am working as a software engineer at Pixar animation studio. Here are some of our upcoming movies. I am currently on the GPU team (twitter updates). In particular, I recently implemented ray-marching through volumes on the GPU. I miss the Pixar campus and meeting the talented artists and researchers which is no longer possible due to the pandemic.

Time permitting, I still do some math research. I am a maintainer of the 3-manifold software SnapPy and recently added ray-tracing to render the inside view of a hyperbolic 3-manifold (demo video) while attending the Illustrating Mathematics program at ICERM.


Email: enischte at gmail dot com

Matthias Goerner
(Photography: Siyu Wu)