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Teaching (Math 1B, Fall 2008)


  • The exam and the gradesheets can be viewed in 970 Evans after grading is finished.

Course Website (grading exams, homework, ...)

Section 101

  • Time: MW 8.10-9
  • Location: 3102 Etcheverry
  • Course Control Number: 54226

Section 105

  • Time: MW 11.10-12
  • Location: 81 Evans
  • Course Control Number: 54238



  • Name: Matthias Goerner
  • Phone: (510) 684 4546
  • Email: enischte at gmail dot com
  • Website: http://math.berkeley.edu/~matthias/
  • Office: 747 Evans (that's the seventh floor of Evans building, NE corner)
  • Office Hours: Monday 10-11, Wednesday 3-4


Additional Material

Quizzes (Wednesdays)

Quizzes are every Wednesday except for the weeks with a midterm.

If you cannot make it to a quiz:

If you cannot come to one of the sections, please try to make it to the other section.

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