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Mac OS X

  • Mac OS X comes with an old version of Python. Even more annoying is Apple's failure to link to the readline library. I recommend to download the latest Python version from python.org: download site. It is free.
  • Emacs is my all time favorite text editor (Sorry vi folks, even though I am in Berkeley). Aquamacs is a very nice integration into OS X combining both the efficiency of classic emacs and the native feeling of an OS X application. Download it here: Aquamacs website. It is free.


My favorite plotting software has become matplotlib. It is inspired by MATLAB's plottng interface which is pretty powerful. It has two advantages though: it is free and it integrates into Python. Download it here: matplotlib download. Mac OS X users want the appropriate .dmg file and want to install the latest Python version as well (see above). They probably also want to install Aquamacs (see above).
Screenshots of Matplotlib

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