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Matthias Goerner I am Matthias Görner (please spell me Matthias Goerner if you do not have ö on your keyboard).

I am teaching Math 411 in Spring 2012 while being a PostDoc in math at University of Maryland (Office: 4101 Math Building, University of Maryland).

I was a PhD student in the math-department and a Masters student in Computer Science at University of California, Berkeley. I finally filed my thesis in August 2011. My math interests are Algebraic Topology, hyperbolic geometry and 3-Manifolds. My math advisors were Ian Agol and Peter Teichner. I am also working with Christian Zickert on SL(n,C) representations of 3-manifolds. I have also been working with Carlo Sequin. My CS advisor was Randy Katz.

David Futer has a nice explanation for general audience of my area of math. Also check out the following two videos if you want to know what my area of math is about but you are not a mathematician: Not Knot (Part 1) and Not Knot (Part 2).

My address (probably until mid May 2012):
Matthias Goerner
University of Maryland
Department of Mathematics
1301 Math Building
College Park, MD 20742
Email: enischte at gmail dot com, matthias at umd dot edu
Phone: +1 (510) 684 4546

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